Books for Librarians

From Boardbook to Facebook: Children’s Services in an Interactive Age  (Libraries Unlimited 2011)

Are you baffled by today’s young people?  Think they will never pick up a book? Don’t argue with them–meet them halfway. New technologies have changed the learning and entertainment options available to–and preferred by–students and their parents. If you’re a librarian or teacher who works with youth, From Boardbook to Facebook will help you understand how children’s experiences with media and technology shape their views of the world. Today’s young people need many varieties of literacy to function in today’s world and these literacies influence their reading and learning. Drawing on recent research and on practical experience this book helps explain both the changes and the continuities in young people’s media lives. Today’s interactive young people are facing a future built on constant change—and we can help prepare them to make it enriching instead of frightening.


Managing Children’s Services in Libraries (Libraries Unlimited, 2013)

cover_4th edition_0002School and public library services for children have gone through dramatic changes brought about by new developments in technology, publishing and education. The 4th edition of Managing Children’s Services in Libraries describes these changes and suggests some of the exciting new ways that librarians can use them to improve children’s lives. The focus is on the practical means of organizing services to children and the adults who care for them and on expanding services from the building level to the community. The book takes a broad view of all aspects of library work with children. Sections deal with collections, planning services, managing personnel and budgets, and working with other community agencies. The book is available from and Libraries Unlimited.

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