Solving a mystery about my mystery story

The other day someone told me that the ebook version of my Charlotte Edgerton mystery Death Visits a Bawdy House looked very strange on her Kindle. The letters on the page came out in different sizes and were in a variety of fonts. When I clicked over to the Kindle shop, I saw what the reader meant—something was dreadfully wrong with the text.

Death Visits a Bawdy House takes place during a hard-fought election in New York City in 1844 and we all know that election seasons can bring out the worst in people, but this was no election skirmish. I clicked right over to the Kindle publishing page and started Death Visits a Bawdy House (Small) (1)investigating. Lucky for me a Kindle helper was quick to respond and explain what I could do to correct the problem that occurred with the uploading of the original file. She walked me through the process and a new, corrected version of the Kindle edition of the book is now online at the site

To celebrate having the book available now, I have made the Kindle version FREE to download from September 15 through September 19. If you had trouble downloading the book in the past, or even if you didn’t, you are welcome to get a copy free of charge during this free period. Tell your friends and family about the opportunity.

The story of Death Visits a Bawdy House takes place in New York City during the boisterous days of the 1840s when Charlotte Edgerton moves to the city from staid Boston.  She is overwhelmed by the crowds and the glamour of the women who stroll along Broadway.  But when first one and then another of the glamorous “sporting girls” who work in the city’s famous brothels is murdered, Charlotte becomes aware of the darkness that lurks behind the bright glow of Broadway.

In a city where abolitionists are not popular and suspicion of free blacks runs high, the arrest of a black man for the crimes enflames much of the city. Charlotte discovers that police can be bigots, politicians are not always honest, and kindness can lead to danger. When a ruthless murderer tricks her into becoming a prisoner in a deserted school, Charlotte must rely on her wits to save herself and a helpless child.

Be sure to download your FREE copy of the Kindle edition of Death Visits a Bawdy House between September 15- 19, 2016.

2 thoughts on “Solving a mystery about my mystery story

  1. This is a great offer! I cherish my print copy of DEATH VISITS A BAWDY HOUSE; if you haven’t had the chance to enjoy this story yet and are an e-book reader, I urge you to download your copy *soon*.
    It’s good to know that that this situation resolved so well, Adele. Congratulations and, above all, please KEEP WRITING! :>)

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