Five things to hope for in 2016


The year ahead does not look as though it is going to be a wonderful one, but every day we are moving toward spring. The days are getting longer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and we may find 2016 will turn out better than we had hoped. Here are five things, big and small, I like to think will happen:

  1. El Nino rains will end the drought in California so that people will be able to irrigate their crops, even the smallest rural community will have water to drink, and our reservoirs will be full again.
  2. Whatever is ailing the honeybees that fertilize our crops will recede and the bees will return to do their vital task for all the almonds and fruits and garden plants.
  3. The campaign for the 2016 election will become more sensible. Candidates will talk to voters as if they are intelligent human beings. And if we all work on it—we may get the largest turnout in years for a presidential election.
  4. The San Francisco Giants will wake up, look around them and realize this is an even-numbered year, so they will go ahead and win the World Series.
  5. Despite our changing climate, the planet Earth will hold up for at least another year so that many of us will be able to welcome in 2017 in twelve months time.

3 thoughts on “Five things to hope for in 2016

  1. Here’s to wishing! And my best wishes to you, Adele for great year ahead. Looking forward to reading many more of your interesting blog posts. Cheers! Melissa

  2. Thank you! We NEED reminders that there are things to hope for. Despair is an easy and a deadly temptation; in times like these, optimism is more important than ever!

    Thanks again,

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